Rev. Douglas Knuth's Message

Rev. Douglas Knuth
Rev. Douglas Knuth

    February 14' 2014


    I first visited the church in June 2003, and in time became an ordained Minister in 2005. I am now 59 years old, have some serious physical health issues. I am blessed to be alive due to my doctors, & nurses, who have worked with me, along with God's grace blessing me with life.  I am also blessed as my spiritual self is doing GREAT, because of my family, friends, and the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding that I have received here at the First Church of Understanding! My family, friends and fellow believers here have helped me to heal with their prayers, laying on hands, and just plain being there for me when I needed them. 


    Apparently, God wants me to be here for some time yet. For as we all are, I too am a Spiritual being living life in this physical body.  And what I have learned is that IF you work on finding your inner peace Spiritually, everything else pretty much works out the way it is supposed to.


    I like to relate to people in the terminology that they are used to using. I could probably write this using the "holiest" of words, but I think that may be part of why some people have issues with going to churches. So the following words of mine are only my thoughts put in everyday words. 

    Finding your own spirituality, and beliefs don't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be quite easy. And the wonderful thing is that as your spiritual understanding increases or changes, your depth of faith increases. Spiritual change is welcomed as we start to see ourselves and our world from different perspectives. 


    We live in a whole new world compared to the world 75+ years ago, the world that Rev.Sarah Solada lived in 1939 when she began The First Church of Understanding in her home. But just like the people then, in my opinion, we all still need exactly what they needed back then! To commune with the God within us and find our inner peace and love. Without inner Spiritual peace and love, it won't really matter how much money you have, what you own, your title in life, etc. 


    For many people today they don't allow for a  place in their life for Spiritual things like belonging to a church and taking the time to have spiritual or self-reflective thoughts. And yet, with all the changes in the world, so many things about living life hasn't changed one bit since 1939. We may use technology today to accomplish what we want to do, but life is actually much more complicated today than ever before. The individual person today sort of gets overshadowed, and overwhelmed by the speed of the world today. It seems like everything we knew yesterday has all changed by this evening. No time to even catch their breath for so many people trying to keep up with everyday life. And heaven forbid if your life situations don't happen to line up with today's technology driven schedules that we live in. I happen to embrace technology. But the need for being compassionate, and kind to our fellow man or woman seems to have become a casualty of technology, time constraints, politics, work, etc. All one has to do is read some of the comments in the daily news or blogs to see the hatred, and lack of tolerance for our fellow man by many people.


    Thank goodness there are still many more people who do care about being considerate, people who don't jump to conclusions when they haven't walked in other people's shoes, and are caring to other people. One of my concerns as I look out at the world today is the lack of spirituality & tolerance for others in many people's lives. Many people have never been to church in their life. Some have been to the old dogmatic churches and don't understand what New Thought thinking is all about, and how to apply New Thought spirituality to their everyday life.  (I didn't realize myself at one time that my own negative or positive thoughts could have such an impact on my life.) We have gone from being a country of people who could believe in a Spiritual God, to many today who only believe in technology and science. And why wouldn't they think that way? Everything they see on TV and the Internet shows them the powers that Man has developed, but generally leaves out the Almighty God that provides Man with the ability to develop these wonderful tools. Until that Category 5 hurricane, or some other kind of disaster comes along and the electricity is gone along with cell phone service, etc and they believe they are all alone. I believe that both God and science co-exist. I wouldn't be alive today without the magnificent breakthroughs that science and medicine has developed. But I wouldn't want to live in a world without recognizing that there is more to "life" than just what we can see with our eyes or understand with our brain. 


    Admittedly, a person doesn't have to go to Church to find enlightenment. So why you say should I come to your Church? I believe that if you come visit our Church, you will find people just like yourself, who come from many walks of life, political views, income, and age. Folks who may be at different levels of spiritual knowledge and yet they all share one thing, the desire to learn more about themselves, the God within them, and to find peace and prosperity in their lives through meditation and self reflection. Most importantly, we at the First Church of Understanding aren't here to shove a particular point of view down anyone's throat. We examine and consider the many interpretations of the Holy books, and prophets, ancient and contemporary. What may be the truth for one person may not be what another person needs or believes at that time. We each see life from different perspectives. We are a small enough church that in time as we get to know you, we may be able to help you thru a difficult time or a "temporary situation" as Pastor Ray Goings would say.  Our hope is to help you find and receive the good that you are looking for in life! I hope to see you here soon.


            In Christ,

                 Rev. Douglas Knuth


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