Pastor Melissa Vincent

    Greetings, I am an ordinary human being who loves life that chooses to be an instrument of God, in which I share in his good gifts given to me.  I've given acceptance of the I Am presence within me and live with peace and joy in my heart.


     Experiences of Life will get us to ask many questions about ourselves and others that live in one's environment, especially the one, what is my purpose in this life?  God comes to us in this way, who guides us into a relationship with our Highest Power of the Energy Source that by choice chooses to grow from God’s infinite supply of good, in which we are all connected.  We get to choose our well-being, if we decide to stay connected and seek our truth on this path of life.  


    We are chosen by God with many different and enlightened gifts to share with humanity.  Thus, the First Church of Understanding shares and prospers in each others good gifts.  We come together on Sunday for a Thanks giving Service with gratitude in our hearts to balance our good energy and replenish our supply from the source.  Understanding the gift(s) given by God may trouble us at times, as we may have beliefs that can hold us in a type of bondage in the mind, that may hold us back from our good.  But with practice we can hit our mark.


    Practicing, while getting understanding by examples of others allows us to see, hear, and mostly feel our intuitive knowledge of knowing truth.  Truth will always set you free if you’re willing to believe.  The power is within you and the deeper you are willing to allow yourself to delve into God’s Universe, then peace is yours with strength, as well as joy in your everyday living.  God Bless and I believe if we are to meet, this will be through God’s good intention that never fails, but always reveals truth….   

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Every Sunday Service

11 AM-12 PM 


Shared by the Good News (Gospels) 


78+ years of serving and giving thanks, with gratitude to the Lord!


"Between the OM's every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month we meet @ 7pm til 9pm. A $5.00 Donation for class. 1st hour working with energy of the Highest Power and 2nd hour is guided meditation to visit with loved ones, spirit guides of the highest source of the Almighty God who always works for our good, as we are co-creators with our Creator. Come join us no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we're all in this together learning from one another... Please come and share the Good!



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