Celebrating over 78 Years of Understanding!                                                     Get Understanding!

      We're Seekers of Truth, who practice as Yeshua (Jesus) did about 2000 years ago, who showed us the way under grace.  Serving, as members, we are interdenominational, in which means, we are all faiths under God of the anointed (Christos) lord who was the true Messiah that God sent to us as our gift through Grace.  Though, the First Church of Understanding was created by co-creator Rev. Sarah Solada in her kitchen in 1939, we offer an assembly of where two or more are gathered in his name to practice prayer, affirmations, songs, meditation, and most of all, fellowship of practicing and sharing the good gift that is in you, from your unique Relationship of God.



You are a son or daughter of God as God created us all, as it says in Genesis 5:1-2 this is the book of the generations of man. In the day God created man; He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and blessed them and named them man in the day                      they were created.


"We're Building on God's Good Idea!" Come join us!

We are family, we are friends, and the feeling never ends.

Together we're forever growing love!

The New Covenant asked us to Love thy Neighbor, we serve our highest good to promote that good and share in that good with fellowship providing services to our brothers and sisters to increase our prosperity! 

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Every Sunday Service

11 AM-12 PM 


Shared by the Good News (Gospels) 


78+ years of serving and giving thanks, with gratitude to the Lord!


"Between the OM's every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month we meet @ 7pm til 9pm. A $5.00 Donation for class. 1st hour working with energy of the Highest Power and 2nd hour is guided meditation to visit with loved ones, spirit guides of the highest source of the Almighty God who always works for our good, as we are co-creators with our Creator. Come join us no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we're all in this together learning from one another... Please come and share the Good!



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